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How do you get your team to believe in what you sell?

Have you ever scratched your head, wondering how to get the people in charge of selling to believe in what they’re selling?

You’re not alone.

Many business owners, founders, and chief sales officers grapple with the same issue. It’s a silent crisis – a creeping loss of self-belief in sales teams, especially when it comes to high-ticket/high-value sales.

Now, your gut might tell you to ramp up product training or enhance people’s selling skills. Maybe throw in some awards and lucrative commissions for good measure. But let’s pause for a moment.

What if I told you there’s a contrarian yet potent way to reignite that spark in your team?

I’m talking about the “quals” strategy, a simple yet powerful approach to leveraging authentic client testimonials. Whether selling a subscription SaaS product, a high-value or a large-scale transformation project, this strategy works like a charm.

Marrying IQ with EQ.

Picture this: Your clients rave about why they chose your service, sharing the transformations they experienced and the problems you solved for them. These aren’t just feel-good stories; they’re powerful narratives that showcase the real-world impact and value you bring.

Now, imagine sharing these golden testimonials with prospective clients. It’s like opening a window for them to glimpse the success they could achieve with you. It builds trust, fosters anticipation, and, let’s be honest, it’s a breath of fresh air in a world of glossy marketing pitches.

People can sniff out commission breath.

But here’s where the magic happens: When your team hears these testimonials, it reassures them of the tangible impact of your products or services. It gives them a renewed sense of self-belief, showing them the impact they can have on people’s lives.

Saying it in the buyer’s words.

You can even take it a step further by wrapping these testimonials in case studies, allowing you to articulate to your prospective customers in the words that your customers typically use, in context to the solution that you offer, the problem that you help solve, and the outcomes that your customers care about.

The “quals” strategy is a powerful tool to build self-belief, trust, and confidence within your internal teams and with your prospective customers. It’s more than a strategy; it’s a beacon of hope, promising to light the way toward renewed confidence and triumph in securing high-value engagements.

By Paul Syng

Paul Syng is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Toronto. He focuses on a problem-seeking, systems thinking approach that can take any form or function.