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"You know, if someone asked me to describe Paul in one word, I'd probably cheat and use two – 'business whisperer'. His integrated thinking kneads out the knots in your complex ideas. His knack for transforming bland technical jargon-infested messages into simple cohesive stories that surprise and delight, and resonate with clients, truly demonstrates his human-centric approach. He skillfully ties together business value & outcomes, what stakeholders care about, and a brand-led story, creating a strategy that is cohesive, consistent, and powerful. Also, Paul's fun to work with."

Deanna Andersen
Managing Director, Partner (Accenture)


"He can design... but isn’t what you call a typical designer... yes, he can write, but isn’t a typical writer, and yes, he helps develop strategies but isn’t a typical strategist. He is a swiss army knife of many skills but doesn’t easily fit into our typical tool box.

What he does do is take the complicated and help make it simple and digestible for the intended audience. Start to think of Paul as an option to help become a bridge between departments. He can either help be the bridge between the complex and the creatives/designers or help be the bridge between account and strategy to build the briefs or comms plan."

Subtej Nijjar
Chief Strategy Officer, Cossette


"Not only is Paul a brilliant strategist, he has a delightful way of bringing his client along for the ride through his thinking process. That, in turn kept me keenly engaged, excited to work with him and kept my curiosity high throughout the process. His ability untangle complex ideas into simple concepts is his superpower."

Gayle Charach
Global Head of Sales Enablement, vArmour

Most B2B communication has this vibe. Change my mind. 😉

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What —

Winning begins with showing up differently, telling a relevant story of outcomes in the buyer's words while hitting all the marks. Head, meet heart.

Why —

Nobody cares about you, your solution, your awards, your quotas — noise. Buyers "People" care about what they care about and how the world relates to them — signal. Emotions over facts and logic.

How —

Helping your marketing and sales function to think, sound and talk like buyers. This helps connects the dots between what you offer and what buyers care about. People buy because you understand them not the other way around.

Selling isn't helping. Helping is selling.

Asking questions, getting curious and understanding the problem behind the problem. Selling with begins by listening.

Outcomes and benefits are not the same.

Most marketing and sales messages miss the mark because they forget to think about their buyer's universe. No two features are made equal. Tune in to tune out the noise.

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