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Who is this for? You, if you're a professional or a business owner with something on your mind.

What happens when you book a call? You share a thought, topic, theme, situation or challenge. I ask pointed questions and listen. Together, we'll dive deeper (whiteboarding, figuratively or literally) to help you understand your problem better and potentially find a solution. Simple, right? It's quasi-professionally assisted problem dissection. Also, not a shrink.

What makes you qualified to solve my complex problem, you ask? My curiosity-led problem-seeking approach is designed to help you get out of your own way — to help you see your own answers clearly. I don't pretend to have the solution. Don't take my word for it. Just read the testimonials below and make up your own mind.

What others, like yourself, have to say.

"What I like best about working with Paul is that he doest apply his own personal vision, he seeks to clarify the client’s (my) vision, listening and looking at challenges from different angles bringing a fresh perspective and focus. Paul doesn’t just advise, he elevates."

Ryan James Terry
Illustrator & Graphic Recorder

"You think you know what active listening is until you work with Paul. His approachable and self-deprecating style of communication makes him one of the easiest people to have a meaningful conversation with. Don't be fooled by the casual nature of his curiosity - he wants you to just talk because that's ultimately where the solution lies. Paul can sit in a room with experts from all manner of professions across a multitude of industries and facilitate creative problem solving because at his core he is a facilitator. Working with him has been a game changer in my own approach to discovery and I'm a big believer in his methodology. Work with Paul. That's it."

Noor Malik
Director Digital, Mosaic North America

"My professional engagement, with Paul, began through a listening session uncovering key learnings from my backstory. It was very helpful to take a step back, pause and think about what I would like to achieve in my career in the next phase. Fast forward one year, in my current role as an executive at a large Canadian financial institution, Paul works with me on how to think differently as a leader and what areas to focus on to be successful. Paul is a high intelligence, curious professional with excellent problem-solving capability."

Karan Puri
AVP & Head of Product — Digital Identity at TD

"He can design... but isn’t what you call a typical designer... yes, he can write, but isn’t a typical writer, and yes, he helps develop strategies but isn’t a typical strategist. He is a swiss army knife of many skills but doesn’t easily fit into our typical tool box.

What he does do is take the complicated and help make it simple and digestible for the intended audience. Start to think of Paul as an option to help become a bridge between departments. He can either help be the bridge between the complex and the creatives/designers or help be the bridge between account and strategy to build the briefs or comms plan."

Subtej Nijjar
Chief Marketing Officer, Shiftsmart
(x–President, Mosaic North America)

"As a founder, your team is often looking at you to have all the answers. Becoming comfortable with the discomfort of not having all the answers is one of the many learnings I’ve stumbled upon during my listening sessions with Paul. Beyond his professional credentials, Paul has an in-depth understanding of humans, whether they’re in a 4 person lean startup team or a multi-org., multi-faceted stakeholder environment of Web3. Do yourself a favour and just let Paul ask you the questions, you didn’t even know you had to consider."

Preet Arjun Singh
Founder, DesignX Community

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Who is Paul Syng? Over two decades, from running a creative agency, being awarded Top 30 Under 30, helping clients win over $1.5 Billion in top-line, to writing for GQ — Paul has helped professionals, experts and business owners like yourself simplify and communicate complex ideas in a way that's meaningful, contextually relevant and outcomes focused. Simply put, Paul makes 'it' human.

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