Who is Paul Syng explained on this page.

Paul is a creatively-charged global citizen (James Bond meet Hank Moody meet Neil French meet Corbusier) passionate for producing powerful, meaningful and real branding solutions for clients. Paul has lived and worked in Chandigarh, New Delhi, Mumbai and New York before settling in Toronto.

Did someone say pancakes?

From having managed and created alongside a multi-disciplinary team of experts at some of the world’s most accomplished and internationally recognised agencies to applying those skills in a design practice he founded, Paul has led integrated branding and design programs where branded experiences for consumers go beyond visual design. 

One really really long sentence there. 

Paul believes that brands should not be defined by boundaries or channels as they are powered by potent ideas (and reflections of their founders’ personality). He believes in branding driven by ideas that have the power to change companies and create positive business and social impact.

Oh, so sexy!  

Paul’s specialties include brand strategy, consumer brand / product identity, corporate identity, experience design, sports team branding, retail development, structure design, brand positioning, brand architecture, brand engagement, new business development, customer experience mapping, product / service brand innovation, relationship management, brand launch, product innovation, customer journey mapping, communications planning and market research across various industries and markets. 

I hate writing about myself. It’s painful, physically. Maybe I should put this thirty kg dumbbell away and type with both hands while seated and not standing in the middle of the squat rack. 

Paul is widely known for his unparalleled expertise in the corporate, education, hospitality, real-estate, airlines, financial and retail sector, music festivals and sports team franchise branding. 

A decade in and what did you expect. Huh?

Paul was born in India, did schooling in Canada while completing college and post-graduate studies in India. He hated school, however, college wasn’t so bad for him. He has been, successfully, thrown out of three different schools, one college and a taxi cab.

Racially I am Indian but culturally- Brooklyn fucked Bondi. 

Paul has deliberately invested the initial years of his career in the various departments of an agency to better understand assignments- informing his creative process and final design work.

Lipstick on the gorilla, anyone?

Paul believes in approaching assignments as an investigative journalist / strategist, doing extensive research, fact finding- doing deep dives into subjects digging for insights and finding the true story. 

Think Clark Kent.  

Paul has written for GQ, AskMen, The Tribune and The Juice Magazine. He can speak, read, write and converse in three languages- Punjabi, Hindi and English. 

Paul is currently doing a 365 day project on Instagram, writing blogs, staring out the window, carrying grocery bags, falling of a skateboard and doing design work. Hopefully, not all at once.

Bragging Rights