Why short copy is boring…

Yea that’s right. You read the heading correctly. You also did make a judgment subconsciously of what this article would be, but you didn’t expect it on this BLOG, did you? Confused? Voila! I do a fine job, I know. If you do know me personally this article will do anything but amuse you. So it’s better you stop reading and do something important with your life. Gardening perhaps! Ok maybe not that challenging. Figure out something for yourself, I am not your babysitter. For the rest of us who do have a life don’t get insulted, continue and entirely ignore the statuary warning.

All this while I had been away from life, detached from the world and the so called rat race. It wasn’t as if I was missing out on something, I was happy doing things at my own pace. Life was like a BMW & I being the blissful driver, in complete control. For those who don’t know BMW. Open your eyes to the world of beauties at You see that’s how you do a nice brand placement. If any creative director is reading this my contact is on the homepage. Life was ok or at least it seemed that ways for a while. Only till the day when all my friends departed on the celestial ship of careers and sailed into the lucid waters, headed straight for the islands of achievement, I felt the Goosebumps on my spine. The feeling was quite perplexing. At the time I didn’t realize the cause for such a feeling. They made me think a lot. Well I did have a lot of time since I was in my so called detached world.

Day after day I would sit alone with my thoughts, reaching a dead end, almost like a copywriter’s mental block. They suck don’t they!? I agree with you buddy. For the extra punctuations you just saw, enjoy them. Daring people challenge the orthodox to achieve the unparallel. Yes I enjoy writing such lines; they should be simplified for the layman. Repeated blocks led me to believe that maybe I needed a third opinion, like a subtle counseling. In order to put some rest to my mind I prepared a set of questions that I would ask all the people who had even the slightest bit of wisdom. Yes I should have asked you “Oh Lord Mighty”. I know that you would have offered me full on ‘Gyan’. A journey started person after person… almost like mission to solve the mysteries of the unquestionable. For those who have gotten this far, congratulations! Take a minute to look away from the screen and relax yourself, even a quick stretch would be heavenly. You give me your time; I will certainly take care of you. For those who didn’t follow, reconfirms that I am one good writer. For the feeling that last line gave you, please re-read my domain name out loud. Yes that’s right!

The process of questioning was not exactly what I had imagined it to be; simple and effortless. Rather it was a much more tedious process, like when you have to scratch that one corner of your foot when standing at ‘attention’ during PT class in school while the teacher is watching with a stick in hand, out in the sun. Concluding a painful long month of questioning and hunting, I came to a conclusion; that if you’re confused, just ask yourself with an honest and straight face. The person inside will have all the answers. You don’t need other people to give you answers. It’s really that simple. Ok maybe not for everyone. For everyone has their own person within them. A soul you can say. That has all the answers. It’s true what they say about how God is within us. Any atheist reading this, you don’t get a refund, better luck next time buddy. To talk with the person inside will give you an escape from the rat race world to a new but clear paradigm where you are in control, you make the decisions. It’s like being in the BMW seven series. Love that creature.

It does take me an awfully long time to get to the point. The point being about the headline I have given to this article. Beating around the bush is something only a few master. So our headline is not a statement that will change how advertising is done, definitely not part of the lyrics to a song that plays in a true copywriter’s mind, I do contradict this last line sometimes. Rather an expression of how brilliance goes to waste if one short line does the job. You must be wondering? Has this guy gone mad? Has he lost it? This doesn’t sound right. I beg to differ. After all the years of experience, late hours at the office; carefully crafting, snipping, editing, molding one’s language so as to make it big one day. For what would all that hard work go if short copy was the order? If only we all enjoyed copy as much as copywriters’ do. Life would not be so boring…

By Paul Syng

PSD is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Toronto. The studio focuses on a problem-solving approach that can take any form or function.