Yellow Perturbation

Yellow dirty fellow! Yellow mellow! Yellow buffalo! We can go on and on and on and people will wake up in different beds. It’s rambling? But this one has a destination. How motley in nature? Something you will find out only by reading the unexpurgated feature. Immoderate play of words crafted to perfection. Not an inch longer than required. After all audience demands are at stake. For the sake of argument, if some bloke was to dress spiff contradicting his yellow footwear, would that betoken a sense of hullabaloo? It sure would be eye catching, arresting in its own motif. A ramification of mundane perceptions would triturate rationale. Any fickle brain will not want to absorb another word.

So at this melancholy moment, let’s animate our notion to rhathymia. It’s a nippy morning for the eye in sro. It’s a tempo of comatose volley awning the hustle-bustle below. Up here it seems to be a canopy of realm. For it’s the infallible time to draft the tube. It may be undersized nonetheless perpetually just right. Bliss instantly transported in a river of epochal cargo. A quick shower leads to the spiff style of dress. Within the cave one descends on reality from above. It’s similar to blood running in a living creature. Nothing godly about it though. Just human. Like everything else in this mirage. One goes about the daily routine for there are no options. Money could be damned but it may have other ulterior agendas. Ok so now that we have gotten to a point where the wrinkles on your face couldn’t get any funnier looking and mouth any wider. Lets change course.

How does a man catch signals from women? How? Where? When? ‘It’s the simplest thing” women say but tell us guys about it. We look once for a second too long and we are put in a box, packed and couriered to Mexico or for reasons to believe far off places. Places where the sun don’t shine. It’s such a battle for poor guys like us. Women show no remorse or slightest of pity. It’s all about the first impression baloney. How do these women live with themselves? Their should be a moment in time where all of us sit down and just expel all such ideas. Give everyone some air and chance. These godly looking women should understand we are guys, humans for crying out loud. Men become bamboozled when a conversation has to be made initially. It’s like; how you feel when the CEO from your company says “Hello” to you, and you’re in a lift going down from the 300th floor. Yeah! That’s right. That’s how men feel when confronted with a beauty. It’s also true they get tired of the same thing as the days pass. Yes we are ‘Pigs’. This is the time where women have to show more talent then just their beauty. Sorry ladies. The truth is beauty will only get you, well, hmmm… to the first stage. For men have only one stage. We are not complex like you.

So, what to say? No line on earth could unlock the first impression paradox. Jerk! It’s a label used widely for all of us guys by women. Ladies all we’re saying is give us some prominent signal. Obviously not the type’s policemen give to motorist, because that would be down right hilarious. Let us imagine for a second if women used signals which the traffic police use, for every time they wanted to suggest a guy that they are interested. A whistle would definitely add to the amusement. A hand signal plus a whistle means your going for dinner later. Two whistles plus signal means dinner and dessert. Three whistles and hand signal means ‘challan’ and impounding of vehicle. Now that would be amusing for all the men out there. Ok enough of fun; let’s get back to our very serious article the way it was originally meant to be. Perpetual feelings induced from the tardy yellow footsies will arouse a sense of friendship amongst women around. Warning! Stunts attempted in this article are not meant for the real world.

By Paul Syng

PSD is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Toronto. The studio focuses on a problem-solving approach that can take any form or function.