Sheep Story

Ok, Yes! I’ve heard the news. I can remember now, it was only a few days back. I’m sure your familiar with the topic. Or shall I say a topic that is stuck on every Indian’s tongue like a fat man on a Twinkie diet. It’s not the most pleasant site yet it makes you want to stop everything and look. So for all those who are still with us, I would like to congratulate our Olympic heroes for making a billion plus people proud. It’s a different story that more than 80% have no clue what we are talking about but still, it feels good to use the billion plus number someplace. Only yesterday I was out with my cousin at the platinum lounge. Oh! Wait. Did I write all that in small? Let’s have a second take. I was with my cousin celebrating at “The Platinum Lounge”.

Now, I’m sure half of you have no clue what this is, but that was the point. That’s a vivid picture of that 80 percent, who don’t give a fart of some man shooting or some man fighting for metals smaller then their palms. Here comes the sheep. They certainly do care about other things that are far more important to them. Waking up early and getting in line at the village tube-well is certainly one of them. Being late will only make everyone at home overdue for their duties. The thought of a power cut makes us restless in our Bugs Bunny pyjamas. A 30 min power cut will not only make you curse every K serial ever made but also all those politicians you’ve never heard off. Who, by the way are busy printing money at home, not literally of course. Ok, let’s leave the politicians out of this; we will get them in the next piece.

So, where were we? Ah! Those poor 80 percent people who give a rat’s rear for the artificial life. We certainly do pay a huge amount to lick or rather massage that rat’s dirty rear. Let me add here that- no politician has paid me to do this piece. I wish they did though; that instalment for the 5-Series is pending… The people who make cars are really the technological mothers of the earth. Perplexed? Let me explain. A car after being born is adopted in a family like a child. The sheep is almost here. There are a few blatant imbeciles, who should never be given this fruit of the mother. But, for some inane reason, they have managed to get their hands on money. The money the 80 percent doesn’t give a pile of poop for. Yes! That money! Don’t read all this and act like you don’t care like the 80 percent. Once the family adopts a car, it is family. It needs all the attention a baby craves. Who am I kidding? We all crave attention, the things elder people do are far more ridiculous than what a 2 year old does, even though it may seem versa-vice. It’s true some babies need more care than others.

Why don’t the people behind those rolled down windows understand that? This blog entry is a secret message to tell them off. Yes! That’s right. It’s a piece of my mind to all those nitwits, eager for a peak, jerking the throttle like a cheap slut, canny for every dime in their pocket holes. Roll up the windows on them Beemers! Wash them so you can lick their tyres and don’t drive them. Hovercraft is the word here. Finally! Now that feels good. Walking into a zone of life where… the seldom thought of glee is misunderstood for money or honey and that’s only the beginning.

Only a few years back, being surrounded by a bouquet of predicaments was unseeingly the non-profit future that led to the collapse of stubborn victories. Tasteful downpour of this crème aroma has made me thirsty for the non-ending circle of delusional fixation. I certainly miss those days. I hope they come back soon and let’s send the sheep home; it’s got nothing to do with all this. Start running for a cause; otherwise you look like a fool running with no cause.

By Paul Syng

PSD is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Toronto. The studio focuses on a problem-solving approach that can take any form or function.