Root Canal

Unable to swallow the lump in my throat, I slowly gulp down a bottle of water, by my bed side. The pain in my mouth has woken up – the otherwise – lazy bloke. The thought of getting on a chair – at the dentist – gives me the goosebumps, however, the agony leaves me no choice. I pick up my blackberry and reluctantly make the call.

“Yes, you can come down in 30 minutes. We’ll take an X-ray.”

An X-ray doesn’t sound so bad? With that consolation in mind, I grab my gear and head to the clinic. The drive down to the clinic is full of nervous, spine tingling thoughts.

What if its a root canal? No. It wont be. God can’t do this to me. After all, I didn’t do anything bad this year. God, please, let it be a filling. Yes. A filling.

And the sinking feeling takes over.

I shouldn’t have cheated on my girlfriend. It must be her, cursing me. It’s all coming back to me. How stupid of me. I should’ve been faithful. Damn those feelings.

Some more remorse.

I shouldn’t have stolen those shirts from Tommy. And for those making judgements on that last one – go back to church where you belong.

Others, continue.

Watch it, twin eyes. Who gave you the car, any ways?

I shouldn’t have cursed the guy who cut me off. Damn. This will be a filling in the near future.

The clinic is finally here, I take my time to find a parking. Going around the block, missing several perfectly good spots, all in denial.

Maybe if I call my girlfriend and apologize, the pain will go away. Damn. Why can’t life be like that.

Moving along.

I walk in and meet the doctor. Give him the lowdown. He walks me over to the X-ray machine as promised. A sigh of relief.

The doc walks over with the X-ray in hand, settles me down, and hands over the verdict.

“It looks like a root canal, we’ll have to put you on medication for 3 days, to subside the swelling.”

As the words sink in I feel elated, relaxed, and my face – finally – starts to animate expressions of relief. Sigh.

My blackberry rings. I pull it out of my pocket, to see my dear friend on the line.



-”Buddy, I forgive you for eating that last piece of chocolate truffle, the other day, at the party.”

By Paul Syng

PSD is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Toronto. The studio focuses on a problem-solving approach that can take any form or function.