No Marks Cream

Winner of The Royal Creative Rumble

Medium : Television
Product : No Marks Cream XYZ Brand

Idea 1

Scene 1: Bosses Office (Cabin) 2 people, Boss & Employee, Boss yelling at employee regarding business. Later tells him to take his wife out for shopping. Employee while nodding his head says “Yes sir”.

Scene 2: Morning in office lobby same employee running to catch the elevator. Just manages to enter the elevator at the last moment. He is late for work. On entering starts fixing collar of shirt. Notices a hickey on his neck. On seeing the hickey he has a grin on his face. Looking satisfied from last night with the bosses wife. He takes out the no marks cream from his jacket pocket and applies it to the hickey.

Scene 3: Inside Bosses cabin. Door opens the employee walks in(shot in such a way as showing the area where there was an hickey earlier, which is no longer there) and says “you asked for me, sir”. Boss replies and asks “did u take my wife”, employee looks at the boss with a very subtle grin on his face, replies “yes sir, I took her”

Scene 4: Product shot

Idea 2

Scene 1: 2 Families, boy’s and girl’s sitting together in the drawing room. Boys & girls parents discussing if the boy and girl like each other(wedding), having tea, sharing jokes, laughs. Girl’s mother says to daughter “why dont you show Rahul your room”. Boy and girl look at each other with shyness, a small smile, start walking towards the room.

Scene 2: Girl boy enter the room, the girl locks the door behind her as she enters. As soon as the door has been locked both look at each other and give a naughty smile and have chemistry sparking.

Scene 3: Both are now standing in-front of a huge mirror in the girls room and getting dressed, when the boy notices a hickey on his neck, he panics. Girl holds his arm reassuringly with a naughty smile and hands him the No marks cream. Boy applies the cream.

Scene 4: Boy and girl walking back into the drawing room, sit down with their respective family opposite each other. Girls mother says loudly while looking at her daughter”Is there chemistry”. Girl & boy look at each other with a smirk on their faces and simultaneously say “Yes”

Scene 5: Product Shot.